Urgent Message :

Lord Agnew’s letter

March 28, 2018

Dear Parents

I am grateful to you for your patience and attach Lord Agnew’s letter which was sent to me on Friday 16th March.

Contrary to what has been put out in the community the DfE has agreed to share Lord Agnew’s letter which we enclose for your perusal.

Within the letter you will see that we have been tasked with securing the required capital funding in its entirety and to that we are actively finding solutions creating a pool of patrons, benefactors and angels. Lord Agnew has recognised the work we have done so far and, like us, does not underestimate the challenge in offering an outstanding KS4 curriculum and to that end has asked that we show our staffing model, curriculum and timetable is financially viable. To date, we are making good progress with this. As a teaching school we have been very active in school to school support and now are enjoying our own bespoke CPD programme from an equally outstanding teaching school.

Lord Agnew’s letter concludes that while he could not agree to our proposal [in March] he hopes we can get to a position where he can reconsider the issues this case has brought to his attention.

The Trustees are making sound headway in addressing the concerns and, again, thank you for your conversations, emails and meetings. Looking at our amazing children in the school and the teaching and learning commitment from our amazing teachers we know that together they make our amazing school truly outstanding. Lord Agnew recognises the work we are doing here and we are committed to continue this for you and our community.

Lord Agnew’s Letter


“‘… in order that they may have life and have it abundantly.’ (John 10:10)”