Academies can follow the admissions policy of their local authority; in our case, Northumberland County Council, which can be found on admissions. As an academy, we have our own admissions policy. Northumberland CC are administrators for our admissions.  This is detailed in section five of the handbook.

Pele Trust in their admissions policy stated a ‘commitment to schools serving the local community and being mindful of children living within the greater catchment area missing out on a secondary place at their local school. In the admissions criteria, a pathway is open to ‘children living in the catchment area on whose behalf firm evidence is presented that they will be living in the catchment area by the appropriate date.’

If you feel there are special circumstances regarding your child’s application, or have evidence of exceptional medical or social needs, evidence must be supported in a written statement by a third party, such as a doctor or social worker.

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