Meet Our Staff

Teaching Staff

Headteacher / Maths: Mr Carl Johnson CJ/ SLE

Deputy Headteacher / SENCO / Science / 5EB: Mrs Elizabeth Blackburn EB/ SLE

Deputy Headteacher / PE / Geography / Estate / 6TB: Mr Adam Burgess AB/ SLE

6BF / French / Wellbeing: Miss Becky Fletcher BF

5AB/PE: Mr Tristan Peel TP

4DL/Music: Mr David Lavery DL

3RB / Computing/Associate Assistant Head: Ryan Bottley RB

3FC/English/Early Reading: Mrs Fiona Cochrane FC

2DW/ History: Mrs Darcie Wonders DW and Miss Lucy Barry LB

2AH/RE/PSHE: Miss Annie Humble AH

Year 1 / PHSE and RE: Miss Kate Lawson KL

Reception: Miss Lindsey Kirk LK

Nursery/ EYFS Lead: Miss Amelia Sivell-Legender AS

Technology / Nursery 2 year old provision: Mrs Emma Donnelly ED


Support Staff:

Hight Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Leigh Smart LS

Teaching Assistants: Mr Tom Wyllie TW, Mrs Carly Burke CB, Miss Kaysi Pearson KP, Mr. Dave Mills DM, Miss Holly Toothill HT, Mrs Julia Frost JF, Mrs Jaqui Buffham JB and Mrs Mary Quigley MQ, Darcey Conlin DC, Rebecca Hives RH, Tahalia Garrington TG, Miss Erika Packnoham EP (apprentice) Miss Elise Gilkes, Isabelle May (apprentice)

Caretaker: Mr Daniel Rickward

School Business Manager: Mr Martin Cusworth CIMA/ACMA

Office Manager: Miss Emma Clayton

Admin Assistant: Mrs. Sadia Masood

Cleaner in Charge: Mr. Silman Masood

Cleaners: Mrs. Tracy Rollo, Mrs. Deborah Blacklock and Mrs. Valerie Patterson

Kitchen Staff: Mrs. Deborah Blacklock (Chef)

Kitchen Assistants: Mrs. Karen Robinson, Mrs. Valerie Patterson


Music Staff:

Drums & Steel Pans: Miss Sophie Purvis

Private Guitar: Mr. Sam Robinson

MPN Brass: Mr. Alistair Lord

MPN Piano / Keyboard: Mr. Sam Robinson

MPN Flute / Saxophone: Mrs Andrea de Vere

ICT Technician: Mr. Alan Errington (Newcastle City Council)



Chair: Mr. Phil Affleck

Vice Chair: Mr Angus Kidd

Headteacher / Accounting Officer: Mr. Carl Johnson

Trustees: , Mrs. Julia Austin, Mr. Mike Russell, Mr. Angus Kidd, Mr. Phil Affleck, Mrs. S. Calvert, Mr. I. Smith