Admissions Handbook

Your first application for a school place for your child is exciting but can also be confusing and worrying. The same can be said if your child is changing between schools at the end of a phase. Do we know everything there is to know? Have we made the right choice?

The Council has written a Handbook as a guide and aid for these important decisions.

The Handbook contains an explanation of the way schools in Northumberland are organised, the Schools’
Admission policies and how to apply for your preferred school(s).

They include other information which will also be of use. The different school partnerships are explained as
well as more general information.

More detailed information can be obtained from us and we will explain the opportunities we can give. It is advisable to contact us if you are interested before submitting your application. We welcome your interest.

You can download a PDF version of the Admissions Handbook below or view an online version by clicking on this link: Admissions Handbook