Over the years the PE and Sports funding grant has enabled PCMS to provide additional before, during and after school interventions, clubs and activities. More children have participated in these extra-curricular activities than in previous years. Their school attainment has also increased but more so their health, confidence and fitness. The PE department review participation for all children annually: review the outcome of fixtures, festivals and tournaments; review assemblies, extra-curricular participation and celebrate where possible in the newsletter, media, Facebook and website.

The 2019/2020 PE sports funding will support transport to fixtures and festivals and will facilitate further development of the specialist provision in school. Intervention groups are run for our most vulnerable children, who have also started to play fixtures home and away. We now have 20 sports over the course of a year, ensuring that each child can access a sport that hopefully they will do throughout their lives. These 20 sports need to be funded even for the most basic of equipment. £2500 goes into our School Games provision, which allows us access to CPD, competition and resources. We were the first school in Northumberland to be awarded the prestigious Platinum Sports Mark award. As part of our teaching school legacy, we send staff out to help with provision in primary schools; look at value for money and allow primaries to use our facilities for venue free of charge. We extended our caretaker’s contract to ensure that facilities are safe and secure and that access can be provided for community use of the 3G and tennis courts in the evenings and at weekends. We have introduced a PE theory lesson into the KS3 curriculum so that children understand why they need to play and participate; and what positive effects it has on all forms of health. The overall result is that more pupils in school choose to access extra curricular provision than ever before. We have introduced GIANTS and PUMAS clubs for children just reaching expected standards and these  pupils attend each morning until the standards are embedded. Y5 have weekly swimming lessons to ensure they are capable and safe in the water.  In the current Y6 cohort, 96% fulfil the current requirements for swimming competency. We have an intensive programme each summer after KS2 SATs to pick up those who do not. Most nights we have a large proportion of children staying behind. Each morning, before school, clubs begin at 8am and are full. Every lunchtime, 2 sporting activities minimum are offered. The take-up is huge and it is a unique selling point of the school for pupils of all abilities and needs. Parents love the offer available and this is often a significant factor when choosing the right school for their children. The PCMS PE/Sports provision has been a growing project over a 15 year period, and we have a model that is sustainable over time because it has been built slowly and on solid foundations. We are also committed to train the next generation of outstanding PE teachers through our work with Northumbria University SCITT and Durham PGCE programmes and have done so for several years.”

PE and Sports Funding statement, 2018/2019: In July 2018, PCMS was awarded the prestigious platinum Gamesmark award. “The PE department continues to excel in sporting provision, which does have an ever increasing impact on the budget. We attended almost 300 fixtures and tournaments, more than half of those were away. Transport costs are huge to allow for this to happen, as is proper cover when staff are out to ensure that the quality of PE in lessons is maintained. Increasing success involves increasing cost. We went to 3 national finals, we were in 6 regional finals. The number of pupils involved in extra curricular sport was huge. Over half of PCMS children represented the school, 90% chose to access the 30 hours of PE clubs a week. All of the school were involved in the 30 plus interclass activities each year. The 3G pitch and tennis courts were open each lunchtime. This was wonderful to see, but it also came at a cost in terms of wear and tear of equipment and facilities, which needed replacing or maintaining. We were well staffed as a department to provide this provision. 5 qualified PE teachers in a school of 560 with every child having 3 hours of quality PE in curriculum time is amazing.”


The 2017/18 PE and Sports Funding allocation was £19,100 [£16000 plus an additional £10 per KS2 pupil – £3100]. “As a newly converted academy we believe it is vital that the children develop their overall fitness, well-being, health and to that end, in September 2017, invested in three PE specialist NQT teachers offering additional Humanities subjects i.e. Geography, History and RE/Citizenship. This expanded the already thriving PE department’s offer of extra-curricular activities and afterschool fixtures and festivals; specialist PE cover where required for out of school competitions; as well as an expected increased wear and tear on the school’s facilities. Investing in staff, repair and maintenance and equipment has ensured that the expertise we have is maximised and that there is an increase in clubs on offer and subsequent participation levels. PCMS also continues to be part of the Castle Morpeth School games partnership and some of the Sport Funding goes towards the annual cost of all that this provides. We specifically target groups of pupils who are not meeting outside traditional games parameters e.g. gymnastics, Giants, PUMAS, Y8 Girls’ Pilates as morning interventions. Another three new teachers offer in all a total of 20 hours of extra provision a week, in addition to the already extensive programme. Relationships develop through PE and extra curricula; and also has a positive effect on form tutor relationship, attainment and engagement in the Humanities programme. The quality of the 3G tennis courts, in particular through high quality maintenance programme ensures that pupils will enjoy first class facilities for the foreseeable futures. Extra provision in PE also allowed us to take 2 students for their first placement and offer a term of NQT to another PE teacher extending our commitment as a teaching school. All three contributed extensively to the school’s extra curricula provision.”

The 2016/17 PE and Sports Funding allocation was £9550 per annum which helped develop PE and sport in schools. “We offered 30 hours of sport per week outside curriculum time. 11 members of staff took activities. We have been a gold sportsmark school and for the last 3 years we have been a Sainsbury’s School Games Gold award recipient. We competed in over 400 fixtures a year [home and away] and won 90% of fixtures played. More than half of the school children stayed behind for sporting activities at least once a week and most nights we had more than a 150 pupils engaged in activities until 4:45pm. TAs attended training to run ‘active break times’ and ran, each day, at least 3 sporting activities each lunchtime. We were regularly used by the Authority as an example of good practice and often received visits from other schools. The one thing that allowed this to happen was the continued development of facilities supporting excellence in sport as the programme grew including: outdoor lighting, a new 3g pitch, newly resurfaced tennis courts, a well maintained sportshall, repainted lines on the yard, 2 new grass football training pitches allowing rotation thus avoiding wear and tear; as well as regular high quality repair and maintenance programmes. All this ensured pupils enjoyed the brilliant facilities that their dedication and success deserved. Our decision to invest this funding on facilities ensured that we extended provision throughout the winter months and maintained an active healthy programme whatever the weather or light.”

The 2015/16 PE and Sports Funding allocation was £9444. The effect of this grant enabled PCMS to provide before, during and after school health and fitness interventions, clubs and activities. Numbers of participating children increased.